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Men’s Flannel Stewart Plaid Pajamas – McCall’s 4244

My husband loves the flannel pajamas that I made him last year for Christmas so I decided to make him another pair this year. This fabric is 45 inch wide cotton flannel in Stewart plaid. I purchased all of this fabric that the store had, which was 4-1/4 yards. I needed every inch of the fabric to match the plaid. I used one of my favorite patterns, McCalls 4244, as well.

I love this pattern because it is straightforward and the pajamas are very easy to make. The medium size fits my husband perfectly without any alterations. This is the fourth set of pajamas I’ve made for him using this pattern.

The hardest part of making these particular pajamas was matching the plaids. The plaids match on the seams, however due to the limited amount of fabric I was not able to make the two sides of the top match perfectly on the vertical. Luckily, my husband has no idea that plaids should match!

I started by making the pants. The waist band has two rows of elastic with a drawstring made of the same fabric in the middle of the waistband, between the two rows of elastic.

One thing my husband likes about this pattern are the inset pockets in the pants.

There is also a patch pocket on the top. I was careful to match the plaids when I cut out and attached the pocket. A nice touch when making pajamas out of a solid colored fabric, or striped fabric, is to embroider a monogram on the pocket. I did this on the seersucker pajamas I made for my husband for Valentine’s Day last year. You can see these here.

My serger was in for annual maintenance during the time that I was making these pajamas, so I finished the seam edges using the fold over method, which I used on all of my sewing prior to getting a serger. I have to say that the seams finished this way look very neat and professional. I actually like the way this seam finish looks on woven fabric better than a serged finish.

This is a great pattern that I know I’ll continue to use over and over. I love these “tried and true” or TNT patterns, because I know before making them that I’ll love the end result. Do you have a favorite pattern that’s become a TNT? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below this post! Thank you for visiting my blog! Merci et au revoir!

6 thoughts on “Men’s Flannel Stewart Plaid Pajamas – McCall’s 4244”

  1. Do you know we’re our own greatest critics? Some clothes manufacturer don’t bother to match plaids, checks or whatever and we hardly notice. Before I started making clothes again, I had a shirt from my favourite clothes shop (not cheap), and I noticed nothing until I made my first shirt then I saw that the collar stand on one side was nicely rounded while the other side had a sharp corner.

    The fold-over finish does look very professional. I’ve gone lazy since getting a serger and use it for everything.


  2. I have bought few patterns before, l cut the fabric and started to sew roughly, but got busy with my work and still unfinished 😶
    These pjs looking absolutely fabulous and comfortable!


    1. I completely understand about life taking over things you want to do! My husband loves these pajamas and I’m planning to make him another set for summer. This is a great pattern to try. Thanks so much for visiting!

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