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Kimono Robes – Made from Cotton Fabric from San Francisco’s Fabric Outlet


I went out to Omaha a few months ago to help my twin sister as she recovered in the hospital and at home from surgery.  While I was there, she mentioned that she was not able to find a nice bathrobe to replace the kimono-style silk robe that her husband bought her years ago.  This was a perfect opportunity for me to make her a new robe!  So I took her old silk robe back to my sewing studio in California and used it to draft a pattern.  At the same time, the Fabric Outlet was having one of their awesome sales and I picked up some fabulous cotton fabric made in Japan! If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can order fabric from Fabric Outlet’s Cali Fabric site.  One hint, when you see something you like at the Fabric Outlet, buy it, as it may not be there the next time you visit.

Making these kimono robes was a win-win for both me and my twin – she has a new robe and I have a great pattern, in two lengths and two chest widths, that I’m sewing again and again.  They are perfect for both women and men.  Once I finished drafting the pattern, I made a mock-up of the kimono robe, documented the steps to sew the robe, and incorporated continuous process improvements as I make each robe.  I’ve sewn four kimono robes so far.  I love them all!  Here is a picture of me wearing one made from a substantial cotton seersucker fabric with purple and white stripes, from the Fabric Outlet.

Striped Cotton Robe

I finished the edges with bias tape, except on the pockets where I used my overlocker.  I think these robes looks just as nice on the inside as they do on the outside.

Striped Cotton Kimono Robe Seam FinishingIMG_2496P1000174.JPG

This is the shorter version.  One thing I love about this pattern is the shorter sleeves. They don’t get in the way when I am cooking breakfast the way longer full sleeves do, which are common on RTW kimono robes.


The longer version is nice, too.


An internal tie keeps it all together
A loop to hang the robe is handy

Next, I’ll make a kimono robe from silk, and also more from Japanese cottons.  The Fabric Outlet has lots of beautiful silks and cottons and they are always getting interesting fabrics in from various parts of the world.   I can’t wait until my next fabric-buying trip!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this pattern and these kimono robes.  What improvements would you suggest?  Thank you for visiting and reading about my latest makes!




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    1. Thanks so much for the nice feedback! I really should think about doing a pattern for this robe since I’ve now made it so many times and it makes a great robe. Thanks for the idea, Chantal!


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