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Learning to Knit Cables – Wool Cabled Hat, Scarf and Mittens

One of my goals for 2018 is to knit more and learn new techniques.  Most of my knitting  has been focused on using the stockinette stitch, a row of knit and then a row of purl.  Recently I taught myself how to knit cable patterns.  This scarf, hat and mittens were my first foray into cable knitting.  I followed these projects by knitting a vest which is highlighted in a previous post.  The yarn used for these projects is Patons Classic Wool , a worsted weight, washable yarn that knits up beautifully, in a color I love called orchid.  The cable patterns on each of these pieces are different, but similar enough that when knitted with the same yarn, they go together well.  I finally finished these projects and  I wore them last weekend on a trip up to Sebastopol in Sonoma county.


I knit the scarf first. I didn’t have a pattern for the scarf so I decided to use the scarf project as a way to learn how to knit cables and learn a few new stitches in the process.  A few years ago, I picked up this book, The Harmony Guide to Aran and Fair Isle Knitting, shown below, at an estate sale.  I used the instructions and two of the cable patterns in this book , organized symmetrically, to design and knit this scarf.  I loved knitting this scarf which is why it is so long.  This is a great learning and reference book for knitters.  I highly recommend it.



For the mittens, I used a pattern I found on Ravelry called Eugenia’s Mittens by Mollie Woodworth.  The pattern is free and you can find the pattern here: Eugenia’s Mittens pattern.  I enjoy the process of shaping and so these mittens were a really fun project.

P1010029 (2)For the hat, I used another pattern that I found on Ravelry.  The free pattern is called Cabled Hat by Nancy Hand, and can be found here: Cabled Hat pattern


P1010021 (2)

I’d love to hear from you about how you learned new knitting techniques.  Did you have a reference book that you used, videos, a knitting teacher or classes?  Also, where do you find your knitting inspiration?  Do you have favorite knitting blogs?  If you are new to my blog, please let me know.  I’d love to see what you are doing!

As always, thank you for visiting my blog!  Merci et au revoir!



4 thoughts on “Learning to Knit Cables – Wool Cabled Hat, Scarf and Mittens”

  1. I got started knitting using the video tutorials on Knitting Help, and have since supplemented that education primarily with tutorials from TECHKnitter, with occasional articles from Knitty and videos from YouTube. I find a good reference book is indispensable: I love Cast On, Bind Off from Leslie Ann Bestor. For inspiration, nothing beats browsing Ravelry. Most designers have a group there, and seeing finished projects from others always makes me want to cast on *something.* 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for sharing the places and ways that have helped you get started knitting. I didn’t know about the book and I’ll definitely get a copy, and I’ll look at TECHKnitter abs Knitty. I love Ravelry and I’ve also used YouTube, which is amazing. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your knitting resources. Happy knitting!😀


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