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A Breton Striped Dress and a French Navy Dress – Both from Burda 6722

Burda 6722 Striped Dress 3
Burda 6722 makes a nice knit dress that is easy to sew and wear

This was my first time using Burda patterns and I had a fantastic experience!  Burda 6722 proved to be a well-designed pattern. I needed no alterations, except for shortening the sleeve length. This pattern made two beautiful knit dresses that were easy to sew and very comfortable to wear.  Both dresses are easy care, just pop in the washer and dryer.

Burda Pattern

The first dress I made was a muslin. I used French navy Ponte de Roma that I got at a recent Bay Area Sewist Fabric Swap. I made View C, with shortened the sleeves, and basted the seams. It fit with no adjustments needed! So after the initial fitting, I sewed it up and it only took a few hours to complete. There were no buttons or zippers. The instructions were straight forward and simple with clear pictures. This would be a great dress pattern for beginners.

French Navy Dress Burda 6722
Burda 6722 in French Navy Ponte de Roma

Next I made the same dress using a striped double knit organic cotton fabric that I purchased at Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley, California. This fabric was the same quality as the Saint James double knit fabric that I’ve seen in France and also at Mood Fabric in New York City.  It cut and sewed beautifully! I purchased 2-1/2 yards and I had enough left over for a pullover, long sleeve Breton striped shirt, which I will make for our upcoming trip to Brittany and the Loire Valley in France.  This is great fabric!

Burda 6722 Striped Dress
Burda 6722 in an organic double-knit striped fabric

Here is a shot of the back.  No closures so it is easy to get on.

Burda 6722 Navy Dress BACK
This dress has no closures so it is easy to sew and easy to pop on
Burda 6722 Striped Dress for Pattern Review
I highly recommend this striped double knit fabric from Stonemountain and Daughter

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5 thoughts on “A Breton Striped Dress and a French Navy Dress – Both from Burda 6722”

  1. I am wanting to make a square neck dress and top so was thrilled to see your review at PR which prompted me to visit your blog. Both dresses look good on you, great job with matching those stripes.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting! This pattern is fabulous and I think you’ll really like it. I’ve never worn a square neckline before and love how it highlights a necklace (I didn’t wear any jewelry since the focus of these pictures were the dresses). This is such a well-designed pattern; I am looking forward to making more Burda garments. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


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