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Bonne Nuit Mon Cheri! Men’s Pajamas using McCall’s Pattern 4244

I recently made two sets of pajamas for my husband as gifts and I am really happy with the results.  These two sewing projects were very satisfying; my husband loves his new pajamas, and the fact that I made them for him, and he wears them every night.  I don’t know of any other garment that I’ve made that gets so much wear.

This red set is for cold weather and is made from a tightly woven red flannel.  The top is option B from McCall’s 4244, with long sleeves, and the long pants are option C.

P1000992 (2)

The other set is for warmer nights and it is made from a blue and white striped shirting fabric.  The top is option A from the same pattern, with short sleeves.  The shorts are option D.



The pattern I used is McCall’s 4244.  I cut a size medium for both sets.  For the cold-weather option, I shortened the arms by two inches.  That’s it!  I made no modifications for the warm-weather option.  The pattern instructions are very easy and straight forward.  I know I’ll be using this pattern again and again.

McCalls 4244


Both fabrics for these pajamas are 100% cotton.  The flannel is from my stash and the blue and white stripe fabric is shirting from the Fabric Outlet in San Francisco, or Cali Fabrics if you are shopping on-line.  The shirting fabric is light weight and breathable.  It is really enjoyable to work with; I plan to make a sleeveless summer blouse for myself with the remaining fabric.  I splurged on the buttons; they are from Britex in San Francisco.


My husband surprised me with an embroidery module for Christmas.  I tried doing my first-ever monogram on the pocket of the striped pajamas.  I embroidered the fabric before cutting out the pocket.  I did not follow any template or rules for this monogram.  I really like the way it turned out.  I like the way the gold thread looks against the blue and white stripes.


The shorts and pants have two rows of 3/8″ elastic in the waistband with a 1/4″  drawstring in the middle.  My husband says they are very comfortable to wear.


I used my serger to finish the seams of the flannel pajamas and the shorts.  For the striped shirt, all of the seams are a Hong Kong finish with the exception of the facing.



I added piping around the front of the striped version.  It was very easy to do and I think it gives the top a more professional finish.


This is a close up of the red version made without piping.


So, that’s the short story of the two sets of pajamas that I made for my husband.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on making pajamas, fabric and/or patterns.  Do you have a pajama pattern that you like?  A favorite fabric for pajamas?  Just scroll down to the comments box below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting my blog and bonne nuit!

4 thoughts on “Bonne Nuit Mon Cheri! Men’s Pajamas using McCall’s Pattern 4244”

  1. Terrific looking men’s p.j.s!!! Love the red winter fabric—The piping and monogram really makes the striped pair look great! Helpful sewing tips too!!!


  2. Your husband ‘s pj’s are very attractive! It doesn’t look like it, but do the pants in this pattern have functional flies? I did a double take when I saw your label. My Mom gave me the exact same ones with my name on many, many moons ago. Are they still available, or are yours also from a long time ago?


    1. Hi Judy – thanks for your questions! There is no fly on the pajama bottoms. One more reason why they are easy to make. My Mom also gave me a few packages of these labels for my birthday many decades ago. I’d love to find them again as I only have one left. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Judy!


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