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Two Bralette and Panty Sets from Simplicity 8228

I recently made two bralette and panty sets using Simplicity 8228.  This fabulous pattern was designed by Madalynne “Maddie” Flanigan.   I also have her other pattern, Simplicity 8229, which is an underwire bra and panty.  I am really looking forward to making these. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to make intimate apparel using Maddie’s patterns, you really should give these a go.  Maddie has tons of information on her website Madalynne.  On her site, you’ll find video tutorials, helpful information on lingerie making, including in-person classes, and lots of beautiful lace and kits for bra and panty-making, plus loads inspiration.  She has three  patterns releasing soon, also with Simplicity.  I can’t wait!

I purchased the material and galloon lace for these sets from the the Fabric Outlet on Mission Street in San Francisco.  This is one of the first fabric stores I visited when I moved to the Bay Area and I love it!  On top of having lots of fabulous fabrics and lace at great prices, and sometimes on sale, they have really nice folks to help you, too.

Black and Pink Bra and Panty.JPG

The pink mesh is a bit more transparent than this picture shows.  The stretch black galloon lace that I used is 6″ in width.  The pattern calls for 8″ width, but for the bralette size that I made, which was a 36C, I was able to use this smaller width galloon.  I suggest that you lay out all of your pattern pieces prior to cutting to confirm you have enough lace. 

White Bralette and Panty Set Side

The lining used for the bralette, above, and for the main part of the panty, is white with dots.  This stretch galloon lace is 7″ wide.


This is the pattern I used for both sets and I highly recommend this pattern.  The pattern pieces and construction are well-designed and the instructions are clear.  The bralette and panties come together very quickly.  

Black and Pink Bra - Cutting Out

I did not use the spray adhesive that the designer, Maddie, recommends; instead I cut out the lace and basted it onto an uncut piece of lining.  Once attached, I confirmed that the pieces all fit together correctly and then I trimmed down the lining to match the lace.  This was all very easy. 

Black and Pink Bra - Sewing Pieces

Before trimming the lining, I made sure that the pieces lined up correctly.  


I used standard 1/4″ black elastic on the inside edges of this bralette.

Black and Pink Bra - Final Bra

There are no straps on this halter-style bralette, resulting in fewer pieces and an easier sew than sewing a standard bra. I used standard 1/4″ black elastic on the inside edges of this bralette.  Before sewing on the elastic, make sure that the hooks and eyes pieces are the same size as the area where they will attach on the bra straps.  If not, you will need to alter (cut) the straps.  

White Bralette and Panty Set BackI really like the design of the panties, and how the lace meets in the back.

The best part about these intimate sets is that they are so comfortable to wear, especially during the hot summer.  It’s also fun to have the lace visible at the back of the neck.   I love this pattern and I’m sure I’ll be making it again many times!

10 thoughts on “Two Bralette and Panty Sets from Simplicity 8228”

    1. Thank you so much! This halter-style bra is actually very comfortable to wear and the part that goes around the back of the neck is lined and so soft that I don’t even notice it. The nice thing about this style of bralette is that there are no straps to fall down. This bralette looks super under a light weight, loose-fitting, v-neck knit top with the lace peeking out the v-neck and also under summery halter-tops. It even looks stunning under a flowing, off-the-shoulder blouse and under some of the cold-shoulder styles. Thanks again for your comments and question!

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  1. Ravissant! Je vais essayer de coudre cet ensemble prochainement… En espérant que mon anglais sera suffisant pour bien comprendre les explications.


    1. Bonjour! Merci beaucoup d’avoir visité mon blog! J’aimerais bien vous aider à coudre ce soutien-gorge et ce panty ensemble. Veuillez me poser vos questions en français et je vous traduirai et vous répondrai. Merci et visitez-les bientôt!


      1. Thank You very much! That’s very nice of You!
        I just did the panty. It’s a little too big for me because I’m “petite” and I must make a size S.
        I have a question: what mean “scallop”/ scalloped? Galon? Feston? La bordure de la dentelle?
        Merci beaucoup!


      2. Bonjour Aurelie! Oui, je pense qu’une petite culotte est le meilleur si vous êtes petite. Vous pouvez également appeler votre ensemble de sorte qu’il est très petit, aussi. Oui, “scallop” signifie que le bord de la dentelle. La dentelle est appelé “galloon” avec “scallops” sur le bord. Veuillez m’envoyer votre adresse e-mail et je peux vous envoyer une photo de dentelle avec un” scallopped galloon edge.” Merci ! !


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